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Research Projects


Gender and immigrant-origin Minorities in Deliberative Minipublics

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), this two-year exploration delves deep into a significant question: Why do women and immigrant-origin citizens in Switzerland display heightened interest in joining deliberative minipublics?

Swiss Citizens' Assembly: A Democratic Innovation Involving Sortition, Deliberation and Participatory Democracy

Another innovative SNSF-funded project, this project undertakes the task of orchestrating a national-level Swiss Citizens’ Assembly. Its mission? To provide a firsthand look into the intricacies of sortition, deliberation, and participatory democracy, all while scrutinizing its overarching impact at the systemic level.

Assessing Deliberation in the Real World: the First Systematic Comparative Study of Deliberative Practices

With SNSF's support, this project mapped new territories by delivering an unparalleled, comparative study of political deliberation worldwide. 

Australian Citizen Jury on Genome Editing

Endorsed by the Australian Research Council (ARC), this groundbreaking initiative spearheads Australia's very first Citizens' Jury on Genome Editing. The goal? Engaging 23 diverse Australians to converge, contemplate, and converse on the potential and boundaries of human genome editing.

Participedia phase II: Strengthening Democracy by Mobilizing Knowledge of Democratic Innovations

This ambitious project, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), is poised to redefine democratic landscapes. It confronts the formidable challenge of blending research with actionable insights on democratic innovations.

A Meta Study of Democratic Deliberation: Advancing Theory and Practice

Lead by top-scholars Prof. Simon Niemeyer, Prof. Nicole Curato, and Prof. John Dryzek, and supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC), this project takes on an audacious challenge: Crafting the premier comprehensive narrative on political deliberation's foundations and frontiers.

The Swiss Citizens' Assembly for Food Policy

The Swiss Citizens' Assembly for Food Policy brings together Swiss residents in a deliberative process, to develop propositions for a sustainable food policy in Switzerland in 2030.


Methodological Research Agenda

In the multifaceted realm of research methodology, my focus encompasses several groundbreaking areas:

  • Multifactor Analysis and Hierarchical Clustering on Principal Component: A central pillar of my research, I'm dedicated to refining this instrument to effectively isolate survey narratives, uncovering richer insights for broader research contexts.

  • Deliberative Methods: My contributions in this area are anchored by the Deliberative Reason Index. Beyond that, my efforts expand to tools that capture dynamics like polarization and group cohesion. The cultural consensus theory, deeply rooted in cognitive anthropology, serves as a valuable guide in these pursuits.

  • Aggregation of Fuzzy Scores: My interest is piqued by the challenge of aggregating fuzzy scores, particularly in the context of classical and family resemblance categorizations.

  • Graph Theory: I utilize graph theory as an instrument to decipher configurational causation topology, offering a fresh lens to interpret complex data structures.

  • Advancing Configurational Comparative Methods: I am actively developing parameters and tests to enhance the reliability and robustness of the configurational comparative method, ensuring its findings are both dependable and replicable.

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